we allow you to match provider data

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cross matching

Supplier crossmatching inputs and outputs can be generated.

Facility Matching

Supplier facilities can be matched with cosmos facilities to collect supplier facility information.

Destination Matching

Supplier destinations are matched with every property matching.

Image Matching

Supplier image categories can be matched with cosmos image categorization.

Meal Matching

Supplier meal types can be matched with cosmos meal type structure.

Room Matching

Supplier room types can be matched with cosmos room categorization.

about cosmos

Cosmos is the product management & distribution platform of Metglobal which includes hotels, destinations, meal types, room types, facilities, descriptions and image content in a multi-language format that provides ready to sell portfolio by ensuring that the customers access information on their intended purchase. It contains features to enrich its products and hotel portfolio.

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hotel images & image categories


how does cosmos work


Auto & Manual matching processes review suppliers hotel data and handle match / dedupe / create operations.


Content collectors enrich hotel portfolio data by collecting images, descriptions, hotel info across all suppliers.


Distribution of Ready-to-Sell portfolio is provided by API and export options to all of its internal & external consumers.

Cosmos Features

Hotel Matching Solution
Product Reviewing Interfaces
Image Category Detection & Watermark Detection 
Hotel Content Scrapers
Export / API Static Data Distribution

Cosmos allows you to obtain high quality images and collects contents across its supplier inventory to display your products.

Cosmos is able to distribute daily customized exports suitable for your needs along with a live api capable of distributing modifications instantly.

Cosmos can detect uploaded image categories and detect watermarks for achieving perfect data quality.

Cosmos is capable of updating its supplier databases with a single click on the interface.

Cosmos - we make it easy to use.

you can monitor the system every device that you have.

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